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Are the 4mg Build and 4mg Sweat sessions two different training programmes? The build and sweat sessions are both part of the same programme but are two different elements that we use to ensure our members get the optimum benefit from their training.

How many sessions can I do a week? - Premium members can train six days a week in our small group personal training sessions plus have access to any open gym slots. - 5 class pass members can train in up to 5 small group personal training sessions each month.

I only want to improve my strength or my cardio? Our standard membership would suit this situation perfectly. Each week there are 3 build sessions (strength) and 3 sweat sessions (cardio). The standard membership gives you access to 3 sessions a week so you can use these to book only the build or sweat to suit your specific goals.

I'm on a budget so cant afford an expensive gym membership! Our 5 class pass membership gives you the opportunity to have 5 professionally programmed workouts each month which is more than one a week. These are in small group environment. We never have more than 10 people in a session so you will be receiving in effect 5 personal training sessions a month which works out at £9 a session.

How many people are in a session? There will be a maximum of 10 people in any session.

What if I cant do a specific exercise in the programme? We will always endeavour to coach you so you can do all programmed exercises and will give you alternatives to build up to the specific exercises.

I'm a complete beginner can I join the classes? Our sessions are suitable for any fitness levels be you a beginner or a seasoned athlete. The programme is designed to improve all round fitness and each member gets access to our training app so the specific intensity, volume and load is individualised to that person.

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